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SeaMonkey is an all-in-one application in an application package that contains a web browser, IRC client, e-mail, news groups and HTML editor. So all have covered some of the things you need while browsing in internet. For add your insight, previously, this application is not Firefox, but Mozilla Application Suite formerly, which is a development of the old browser Netscape Navigator created by Netscape Communications Corporation. This web application is a multi-functional application that is open source so you can use it without any cost or free. In addition SeaMonkey also a cross-platform application, so it can be used on any operating system be it Windows, Mac, or Linux.Dalam Window menu you can directly access the browser (Firefox Navigator), and Mozilla Thunderbird mail, HTML editor (SeaMonkey Composer) , address book, and IRC chat (ChatZilla) .You can create multiple profiles, a new e-mail account, write a new message, open a new composer page where we can write the HTML code, allowing Firefox to find the link or text that you type, or switch to the penuh.Selain screen mode, to encode characters, change the theme SeaMonkey, access your browsing history, translating the entire contents of a page, manage cookies, images, popups, data, passwords, downloads and add-ons, set up sync, and development Web access (Error Console, DOM Inspector, JavaScript Debugger).

Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download Sea Monkey 2.33. terbaru| pieemen|2015

Thank you and may be useful for all my friends and do not forget please try ya !!

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