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Free Download Blood Pressure V.2.12.08 APK
Free Download Blood Pressure V.2.12.08 APK - Apa kabar kawan pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi sebuah informasi mengenai aplikasi android yang terbaru dan aplikasi ini sangat berguna bagi tenaga medis dan untuk melihat kesetan yang ada pada diri kita, jadi kalau kita melihat kondisi kesehatan kita, coba langsung download dan rasakan manfaatnya.

Description : This utility facilitates in controlling blood stress and improves the method of handling high blood pressure.With it you could effortlessly keep and analyse all your measurements.It also generates ancillary facts vital for the right remedy of arterial hypertension, which you can at once send in your medical doctor on the robotically generated reports.

Features :
  • Very easy to use user interface
  • Save, edit or update you measurement
  • Describe your records:
  • Tags - write short descriptions and use them repeatedly
  • Date and time of BP measurement
  • The values ​​(systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight)
  • Description
  • Support for multiple users.
  • Interactive charts
  • Statistics
  • Export data:
  • CSV
  • XML
  • PDF - detailed reports
  • Screenshots
  • Reminders
  • Filters - unlimited possibilities in your hand. Decide what data the application will show, analyze or export!
  • Appearance - Customize the appearance of the application to your needs
  • Categories: JNC7, JNC8, ESH/ESC, Isolated Hypertension, Hypotomia
  • Native Android app backup support
  • Automatic backups to Google Drive

Screenshots :
Free Download Blood Pressure V.2.12.08 APK  Free Download Blood Pressure V.2.12.08 APK  Free Download Blood Pressure V.2.12.08 APK

What's New :
  • Support for data backup powered by Google Drive 
  • New easier in use user interface
  • New Blood pressure classification algorithms. Now you can choose between the most suitable for you blood pressure standards. Check when pharmacological treatment is advised or when you have too low blood pressure
  • New share feature. Share what you see. Now you can email specific graph to your doctor or a friend
  • Improved performance and stability

Requirements :
  • Android 2.3.2+

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