DU Battery Saver v4.1.7 APK


Free Download DU Battery Saver Apk New Update Terbaru 2016 - Selamat malam para pengunjung pieemen.com dimanapun anda berada, pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan membagikan sebuah informasi mengenai aplikasi andoid yang bernama DU Battery Saver Apk. DU Battery Saver adalah sebuah utilitas berguna yang membantu Anda dengan mudah mengelola dan mengontrol penggunaan baterai ponsel sehingga memperpanjang umurnya. Dengan utilitas ini, Anda bisa menyetop proses yang menghabiskan paling banyak energi dan menghemat beberapa menit tenaga baterai.

Descriptions : DU battery saver APK has been updated to the latest version 4.1.7. This app can be the best option for you who want to save your android’s battery life. The advanced technology development makes our gadget having a lot of application with great works. We cannot deny that our gadget will need more power to show its works. In order to keep your battery life, of course you need special software to control it. One of battery saver that can be your choice is by DU. It was released by web developer to ensure your gadget’s efficient power. In addition, it will be used for reducing the battery’s drainage. This application will optimize the usage of your gadgets and also squeeze the battery life for few minutes.

Well, do you want to know more about this application? If you want to know about it, keep reading. We are going to discuss about it. Let’s find out your best reference below. This one purports your battery usage on few ways. It will work to save your battery too. It will also hit the button press that available there. After that, you can find and solve the draining problems of your battery in the background. Well, it really will give you the satisfied result.

Well, you can also use this application to implement and set the modes of your battery management. In addition, it will adjust the setting of your device. As a result, your battery life will get preserved. Lastly, it will help your battery’s charging process to be more efficient. So, your device will get healthier battery works. Finally, those are all the details of DU Battery Saver application that can be your choice.

Features : 
Informations :
  • Developer : DU APPS STUDIO 
  • Version : 4.1.7 
  • Requirement : 2.3 and up 
  • Price : Free
What's New :
  • Improved algorithm gives more accurate standby time
  • DU Swipe became more useful: Added camera & OPTIMIZE shortcuts
  • Charging Screensaver further optimized for faster charging
  • Bugs fixed
Screenshot :
http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html

http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/du-battery-saver-v417-apk.html

Demikian penjelasan singkat mengenai aplikasi android DU Battery Saver Apk semoga apa yang kami bagikan bermanfaat bagi anda, terima kasih. tetap tunggu update selanjutnya dari pieemen.com.


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