Tahu Bulat V.9.0.0 APK


Free Download Tahu Bulat Apk New Update Terbaru 2017 - Selamat malam para pengunjung pieemen.com dimanapun anda berada, pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan membagikan informasi mengenai game android yang berjudul Tahu Bulat, game ini buatan asli indonesia, game yang sangat keren, dimana anda akan belajar untuk menjadi pebisnis tahu, tahu bulat tepatnya, pada versi terbaru ini banyak sekali penambahan pada fitur mulai dari pedangannya mempunyai karakter yang lebih baru,dan banyak bonek salju yang semain menambah keseruan game tahu bulat ini kawan Datangkan pembeli sebanyak-banyaknya, dan kembangkan bisnis tahu bulatmu. Silahkan simak penjelasan singaktnya berikut :

Descriptions : Tahu Bulat APK is now available in the latest version 9.0.0. This game is developed by Own Games, which claims to be inspired by Tasikmalaya typical food. This game received positive response from the android users and now it is very popular in Indonesia. You are invited to manage the Tahu Bulat food business, sell directly through the pickup. How to play this game is quite simple, you just need to tap the screen to entice consumers to buy your food. Slightly reminds me of the Lemonade Tycoon gameplay, in this game we are also invited to mix the food to be more delicious when served to customers.

Although there is no indicator that shows the level of satisfied from customers when buying our food, from the smile they give, they seem quite satisfied. The money that you get can be reinvested, ranging from buying upgrades the vehicle that you use to sell around, bought a new tent, and others, to accelerate the arrival of buyers and add value to the food you make. In addition to simple, UI that are served by this game is quite interesting.

By embedding the name and flag of Indonesia, players will be able to easily find out the origin of the inspiration. Another uniqueness is the ability to customize the look of the game with game time. The sky and surrounding objects will be changed during the night. For those who like simple games that do not want to do many action while playing, this game is right for you.

Features :
  • Selling tahu bulat easily: simply tap on the screen
  • Set-your business, invest the benefits achieved
  • Enhance equipment to cook and sell
  • Raise quality tahu bulat
  • Replace the car and give accessories to attract buyers
  • Promote the Business tahu bulat, bring a new type of buyer!
  • Fever Know, get profit doubled
  • Leaderboard, be the best!
  • Achievements
  • Google Cloud Save

Informations :
  • Developer : Own Games  
  • Version : 9.0.0  
  • Requirement : 2.3 and up  
  • Price : Free

What's New :
  • New 2 New Characters
  • Daily Branch: Festival!
  • Let’s Build Tako Snowman
  • Bug Fixing

Screenshot :
http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/tahu-bulat-v353-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/tahu-bulat-v353-apk.html

http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/tahu-bulat-v353-apk.html  http://www.pieemen.com/2016/06/tahu-bulat-v353-apk.html

Demikian penjelasan singkat mengenai Game Android Tahu Bulat Apk semoga apa yang kamu bagikan bermanfaat bagi anda, terima kasih, tetap tunggu update selanjutnya dari pieemen.com.


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