League of Heroes™ Mod Apk Free Shopping

League of Heroes™ Mod Apk Free Shopping

League of Heroes ™ Mod apk Free Shopping is a hack and slash game based mission, my friend in this game will be against the enemy per mission and the mission can not walk freely on the Map.

Buddy will be given a simple-looking characters at the beginning of the game android League of Heroes ™ Mod this apk Free Shopping. Buddy will also be given a brief guide to navigate and buy equipment or potions.

pal will live in a village during a mission buddy yet., there were only 3 people in the village that the seller armor, potions and quest givers seller. Control in this game is also quite easy where the D-Pad to move left and right to strike action in the buddy is ready to meet the quest giver.

If my friend can fulfill quests prompting the quest giver will give my friend a number of coins, such as the mission to kill 10 enemies, talk to NPCs and others. After seeing what can mate quest fulfilled then the friend can walk out of the village and my friend will other areas that also need help pal. Just click on the village buddy want then automatically my friend will be there and ready to eliminate all enemies in the area and after all the enemies die then the friend can choose to go back to the village.

the battle system in this game is quite simple, you can simply dodge the hit at the right time. Usually when my friend really deft friend can avoid all of their attacks, because usually the sign is quite clear and slow so that my friend could walk first backward and then attacked them.

Coins and stars will fall Whenever my friend managed to hit the enemy. These coins will be my friend use to buy weapons and potions ugprade star while useful in increasing experience level. If the friend does not take the star then the friend will not rise the level of 1000 despite buddy slaughtering enemy though. So this star is quite mandatory pal take. see the android game apk mod hero Punch

graphic used League of Heroes ™ Mod 3D Apk Free Shopping has not yet had a touch of fun cartoonist. League of Heroes also has a weather system in accordance with the original situation in which the buddy play. So if you're hujam then the game will also participate Rain.

League of Heroes ™ Mod apk Free Shopping is a game that is exciting and fun to play in mengiisi pal spare time. so if friends are interested in this game direct download yes man.

Screenshots :
League of Heroes

  • ||Game: League of Heroes™ 1.3.363 Mod Apk Free Shopping
  • ||Version: 1.3.363
  • ||Mod Free Shopping
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