Ninja Saga Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Ninja Saga Apk Mod Unlimited Coins - Game NINJA SAGA tells about the journey of a ninja who are seeking knowledge and skills training to be a ninja that has great strength. Game ninja saga backgrounds in the life of a village where the village there is a test for the ninja as a test chunnin, jounnin until gennin, therefore very proud great ninja in this game.

Ninja Saga game players Mod Unlimited Coins apk is required to be able to combine two elements (for free user) and 3 elements (for emblems user) so that it can make a great and resilient character when running the mission, hunting boss fight, and fight among fellow players (PvP)

The Ninja saga there are 5 elements:

1. Wind (Wind): Character who wear these elements have the speed (agilty) high and hard hit by the opponent moves because it has evasion (dodge) high
2. Fire (Fire): Character who wear these elements have an attack that great because among all five elements, fire (fire) has the greatest damage
3 Thunder (Thunder): Character who wear these elements have a big critical with stun effects especially if combined with the element of fire, will have a great attack,
4. Earth (Soil): Character who wear these elements have HP (Life) of eminence that is not easily defeated by an opponent, and has the ability to reverse the damage to the opponent that we have received around 30%.
5. Water (Water): Character who wear these elements have CP (Chakra) which is great, and has the effect could purify and heal yourself / add HP (healing / refresh). please download Ninja Saga game android apk Unlimited Coins Mod is under

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 ninja saga


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Game: Ninja Saga 0.9.67 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins)
Mod: Unlimited Coins

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