EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens APK

Free Download EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens V.1.1.1 APK

Free Download EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens V.1.1.1 APK - Apa kabar kawan pada kesempatan malam hari ini saya akan berbagi sebuah iformasi mengenai game android terbaru yaitu Evilbane Ris Of Ravens dan game ini adalah game yang sangat seru sekali kawan, dan juga game ini mengeluarkan version terbarunya, jadi kalau teman-teman tertarik dengan game android ini bisa langsung dowload game android ini agar bisa dirasakan di android kalian masing-masing, jangan lupa di coba ya kawan.

Description: a brand new generation of hack and lower RPG starts now with EvilBane. Bone-shattering movement rendered in console-quality three-D pix takes vicinity in a big delusion world with thousands of loot to be unearthed. experience the epic function-gambling sport on your cell tool now,twenty years after battle devastated the land, a dark and effective shadow has returned to the kingdom of Ceroth and demanding situations the mighty energy of the Heavenstone. The land, which had prospered for see you later, now unearths its peace threatened. it's time for the selected Raven to rise and keep the sector before the shadow demolishes all hope.

Features :
  • Gear – Evilbane’s stunning gear is crucial for dominating the battlefield. Customize your character with over 1,000 different weapons and armor.
  • Raid - Team up with your allies to defeat powerful bosses and reap the glory and riches as your reward.
  • Dungeon - From thick forests to desert dunes, chilling glaciers and explosive volcanoes, and all the way to a flying citadel, endless exploration awaits with opportunities to acquire unique gear.
  • Arena - Be prepared and equip yourself with gear worthy of a champion as you challenge others to test your strength. Let the fighting begin.
  • Guild – Bond with your closest and strongest allies. You will need to fight as one to battle against other guilds for honor and pride.

EvilBane: Rise Of Ravens For Android Official Trailer

Screenshots :
Free Download EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens V.1.1.1 APK

Free Download EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens V.1.1.1 APK

Free Download EvilBane : Rise Of Ravens V.1.1.1 APK

Minimum System Requirements
  • CPU Dualcore 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB
  • Android 3.2+

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